Last Flight from Ardeley

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Last Flight From Ardeley

by Peter Alexander

This is a factually based story about a German woman, Helle Koch, who suddenly arrives at Ardeley, a village deep in the midst of Norfolk on a mission to find the remains of her GrandFather, Luftwaffe Oberleutnant Erich Koch who allegedly crashed his ME160 nearby in April 1943.

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“Yes, there was some sort of apparent wartime hoohah many years ago, to do with The Bell.” Toby looked out towards the blackness of the airfield, cradling his red wine as if it was the last in the house. He looked at Manners, frowning before speaking”

“My old man was the CO here during the Second World War, one of the youngest Wing Commanders ever, only Guy Gibson was younger. He was posted here in 1943 from RAF Waddington when the then WingCo was killed in action over Holland.”

“As soon as he was inside he recognised it to be some sort of German war medal, if the swastika was anything to go by. It was of the Iron Cross kind with some silver attached to the sides. He stood there staring at it in the brightness of the kitchen lights”

“It was quite at that moment that a small but clear sound came swiftly to Manners’ attention. It sounded much like a low snarl, or was it a growl seemingly coming from the upper part of the house”

“Starr made for the door, but it was at this point that Manners saw the clock. It was, to be exact, a grandfather clock and stood imperiously tucked in between the two windows to the left of the door. It was a long case clock, tall and freestanding at almost seven feet”

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Last Flight from Ardeley by author Peter Alexander

Last Flight From Ardeley

by Peter Alexander